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Commercial Finance Solutions, LLC is a BBB Accredited Financial Service in Johns Creek, GA 


About Us

We are a Christian-based company that holds as our fundamental tenet to "Honor God in everything we do".  

We state that up front for two reasons: 1). It implies a certain standard of behavior to include honesty and integrity; 2). We expect to be held accountable to that standard.

At the end of the day, we want to know that we worked to the best of our ability for our clients, that we did our job honestly and with integrity; that we offered the kind of advice we would like to receive and did not offer advice that was contrary to our clients' best interests. We aim to provide solutions to your business challenges!

One of the joys of the Christian is being able to spread the Good News. One question often asked by the seeker is "Is the Bible really God's word?" For the answer, please click to find out!


Helicopter buyer
"Dear Mr. Janssen,
First, I want to thank you for your promised and delivered personal attention. Second to my home, the purchase of a helicopter is my largest and most exciting acquisition to date.
Secondly, the sales price of the ship was never a question. However, the financing was in question from the start. You may recall I started with three of the “big” banks that appear on every street corner. Their national aviation departments promised “big” but delivered small. I changed course after a few weeks and I am glad I did.
I found your services solution driven, flexible, and effortless from my perspective. You did so with little to no involvement on my part. I provided you with the frame and you filled in the picture.
Our daily contact via email and/or phone provided me with real-time input and feedback. The quality of the service provided was paralleled with the speed at which you were able to make this deal occur. I frequently described you as relentless, a compliment of course!
In conclusion, you are in the pole position of my short list for my next aviation purchase, private or corporate. I enjoyed the process!"
From an electronics company:
"As soon as your company understood our business and what the needs of our company were you acted. We had conversations with your group and they genuinely understood the business and the need, which came with recommendations on how to proceed. 
I must say that I and my partner are amazed at the speed with which your company works.
What is also important is that we feel comfortable with talk and projecting the possibilities of the company, considering the past experiences that we have had with investment bankers and venture capitalists over the past two years."
Business Owner
Thanks John...I think you're the only person I've ever dealt with that gets it, let alone actually does anything with it...I do appreciate it. 
Business owner:

".... the service we received was excellent. I appreciate you listening to our needs and getting the funding amount we wanted. In the future I will most certainly recommend you. I believe in building long-term relationships and it is my hope that we work together again in the future."


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